We are situated outside Boston, Massachusetts, and proud to represent the finest in home audio systems. We provide customized service, Email or call (978-609-1601) to inquire or set up an appointment.

We are the New England Dealer for

Shindo Laboratory

Latour Field Coil speakers, 301 Record Player system, handmade tube electronics

Leben HiFi

CS-300, CS-600, RS-28C superb tube sonics

Riviera Labs Italy

The merger of passion, technology and innovation!

Sugden Audio UK

Classic Solid-state electronics from the UK

Spec Audio Japan

'Real-Sound' puts the perormers in the room!

Line Magnetic Audio

Western Electric replicas & WE-inspired tubed electronics

Auditorium 23

Hommage Cinema & 22A horn speakers, Stepup transformers, Speaker cable and Interconnects

Revival Audio

Deep art speakers from France - Atlante 3/5

Tonapparate Speakers

Yonna, Model 50, Maeista bespoke speakers from Germany

Meze Audio

World-awarded headphones - Elite, Empyrean, Liric, 109Pro

Headphone amplifiers

Riviera Labs AIC-10

Leben Hi-Fi CS-300XS/F & CS-600X

Line Magnetic LM-84IA

Tellurium Q

Hear how your music can really sound with this award-winning cabling from the UK

Well-Tempered Labs

Premier turntable systems

Marigo Audio Lab

Platform & window resonance control, top cables & power cords

Musicraft phono cartridges

Tunable Nitro motors from Canada

Dynavector phono cartridges

The famous phono reproducers from Japan

Sentec Sweden

Variable curve phono stage for the vinyl collector

Audio Desk Vinyl Cleaner Pro

Multi-year awards for best vinyl sound via cleaning + ultrasonics

Box Furniture Company

Beautiful sound & decor in audio racks

Tonapparate Audio Furniture

Resonance control racks from Germany

Shun Mook Acoustics

Mpingo room tuning & Western Electric vintage wiring

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